The Pros and Cons of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)

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In the 1990’s, getting decent health insurance through your employer wasn’t unheard of — it was assumed. But back then, healthcare wasn’t nearly as expensive; rates have increased every year for nearly two decades and it’s unlikely they’ll slow down anytime soon.

by Chris Freitas

Be the Boss You Want to See in the World | CA Benefits Advisors

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An article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that the traits that make someone become a leader aren’t always the ones that make someone an effective leader. Instead, efficacy can be traced to ethicality. Here are a few tips to be an ethical leader.

Humility tops charisma
A little charisma goes a long way. Too much and a leader risks being seen as self-absorbed. Instead, focus on the good of the group, not just sounding good.

by Mike Radakovich

Getting Married? Two Questions You Need to Ask Your Partner (but Probably Haven’t) | California Employee Benefits

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Getting married is a big leap. And you may be in the midst of a whole lot of planning—from when and where to have the wedding to whom to invite. But planning the wedding and honeymoon is just the start of your life together. As you start planning your future, don’t forget to put a solid financial base in place.

by Mike Radakovich