10 Things You Didn't Know About Life Insurance

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Life insurance blah blah blah. Is that what you hear when someone mentions it as part of your new job’s employee benefits round-up or when you see something about it on TV or social media? Not to worry: we’ve got the low-down on what you need to know. And it’s really not as overwhelming (or underwhelming) as you might think.

by Mike Radakovich

Who Can I Name as a Beneficiary on My Life Insurance Policy?

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Every life insurance policy requires you to name a beneficiary. A life insurance beneficiary is typically the person or people who get the payout on your life insurance policy after you die; it may also be a trust, charity or your estate.

by Mike Radakovich

Looking for a Guaranteed Income Stream for Life? Think Annuities

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Are you headed toward retirement or even in retirement and concerned about outliving your savings? Perhaps an income annuity will fit your needs. An annuity is a financial instrument that can offer a guaranteed lifetime income that you can’t outlive.

by Mike Radakovich

4 Things Life Insurance Is Not | CA Employee Benefits Agency

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Are you confused about life insurance? I don’t blame you. When I first started writing about finances more than a decade ago, my understanding of life insurance was limited.

by Mike Radakovich

Look Backward to Plan Forward | CA Benefits Agents

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We have entered Open Enrollment season and that means you and everyone in your office are probably reading through enrollment guides and trying to decipher it all. As you begin your research into which plan to choose or even how much to contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA), consider evaluating how you used your health plan last year. Looking backward can actually help you plan forward and make the most of your health care dollars for the coming year.

by Mike Radakovich

Wealthy vs Financial Fit. Here’s the Difference and Why It Matters | California Benefit Consultants

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by Mike Radakovich

Do Single People REALLY Need Life Insurance? | California Benefits Advisors

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Many people make the assumption that life insurance is for married couples and those with kids. While it is true that not all single people need life insurance, there are a number of reasons when it can make (really) good sense.

by Mike Radakovich

Getting Married? Two Questions You Need to Ask Your Partner (but Probably Haven’t) | California Employee Benefits

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Getting married is a big leap. And you may be in the midst of a whole lot of planning—from when and where to have the wedding to whom to invite. But planning the wedding and honeymoon is just the start of your life together. As you start planning your future, don’t forget to put a solid financial base in place.

by Mike Radakovich